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  2. Paul’s Picks

    Hi Tumblrs,

    I’m our resident BMXer turned cyclo-cross racer, and today I’m going to share some of my favorite items from the shop with you.

    First off is the All-City Macho Man frameset.image

    I picked up one of these last year and built it up with a SRAM Force 1x10 drive train. It has since proven to have the best dollar to fun ratio of any bike I’ve owned. I had a blast racing cross on it last winter, and it’s held up on longer rides as well. Available as a frame/fork for $595 or as a well spec’ed Shimano 105 complete for $1595, this is the perfect “gateway bike” for getting into cross. 

    Next up are the Challenge 30c Eroica tires.image

    These tires went on my Macho Man for the first Grasshopper Adventure race, and they haven’t come off since. They have a super plush 260 tpi casing, which combined with a 30c width makes them perfect for slightly rocky fire roads and mixed terrain rides. These fancy boys run about $70 each.

    Last but certainty not least is the Serfas CP-USBS light set.image

    Not as fun as a new cross frame or sexy like supple European tires, a good set of lights is still essential to get you home safe after a long day. The CP-USBS lights are easy to attach and remove, bright enough to be seen, and have a good battery life. The USB recharge-ability frees you from the onerous chore of buying batteries, forever! A steal at $40. 

    Thanks for reading!


  3. Classes at Box Dog Bikes

    Every month we host two mechanical classes at Box Dog. A beginner class and an intermediate class. Stay abreast with our class schedule and find out more HERE.


  4. Large love

    I can’t say enough good things about Victor’s work as a bag maker. Last summer we started chatting about an Archive/Box Dog collaboration on a new bag. One of us here had wanted to make a tool roll for a long time but nothing ever surfaced. Instead we went the direction of the saddlebag. His offering is it’s own thing and I like it (actually own two of them). But Box Dog wanted to go bigger.

    Pictured above was our first prototype, in action at the La Ruta Loca 200k. It handled just about everything I wanted out of my jersey pockets, except for the commonly accessed stuff. Still, it was a little narrow and not as cavernous as it could be.

    These images sum it up well. We’ve since gone to production with version two and sold through our first batch. I’ve been able to cram in a thick, winter jacket, along with the oversize, tour-ready, emergency multi-tool, a couple of tubes, and CO2 cartridge(s). The bag is large without being a duffel or sack or trunk. Absolutely the right in-between size.

    We’ll be receiving a new batch any day now. They sell for $65. Keep your eyes peeled in-store or on the web shop.


  5. Our man Eric at Winter cranking out great work! Check ‘dis. Might be able to peep this in person sometime soon…

  6. Cool California Cruiser #vintagedahon #foldingbike #chromeeverything #shineonwildpony

  7. rivbike:

    We’ve been selling a lot of these Schmidt Edelux headlights and they’re great. But they are lacking any mounting hardware.

    Brian & Mark came up with this method on our ever so popular Mark’s Rack

    You’ll need to mount the support strut on the inside of the rack. Then use a Sheldon’s nut in place of the supplied nut. Secure your Edelux with a M6 bolt and there you have it.

    clean light mount from riv

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