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Next week! Would you like to ride with us? Come on out!

Next week! Would you like to ride with us? Come on out!

The quick release is a funny component. Perhaps undervalued or simply overlooked, it holds the wheels to the frame. That’s actually a pretty big responsibility for such a tiny thing. Since the early twentieth century it’s been through small revisions and now has two distinct forms of operation. There are two types of QRs - external cam and internal cam. The former does what it’s supposed to, but suffers an inferiority complex when compared to the latter. Internal cams offer substantial clamping force which is lost with most external types. Many ext. types use plastic or rubber bits near the lever which translate to compression. Basically, with the external jawns it takes much more force than an internal cam to clamp the hub in the dropouts.

Paul Components finally tackled production on a quick release of their own which ought to set the benchmark for no-nonsense internal cams. The skewer rod is made of stainless steel which screw into aluminum heads on the other side. The lever handle is a mashup of both materials. I’m sure Paul Comp. anticipated how well these would sell upon release (no pun intended) but even domestic production sometimes cannot keep up with demand. As of right now, Box Dog has a set or two among its inventory, but last I heard, the well is dry at Paul. They’re working hard to crank out more quantities. For now they come in three widths (100mm front, 130/135 rear, and the common denominator for fat bikes at 170mm), and two colors (black or silver, both anodized). At $50 each Paul quick releases do make for a significant upgrade, but they’re something you can be proud of while providing long-term confidence that they’ve got you (or at least your wheels) covered.

Link to our webstore here and here.

Salsa Warbird 3 


Box Dog is, to many a dismay, primarily a steel shop. We’re trying something a little different here. Bringing in Salsa’s aluminum gravel racer. The Warbird boasts standard cross geometry but with a slightly lower BB so that it rides wonderfully on pavement too.

The frame is stiff and responsive, a real racer. The oversized aluminum tubing and carbon fork make for one of the lightest bikes we carry. The frame takes three waterbottles and works great with the frame bags we carry. It’s a serious mover. Built for long days of gravel. Still a great option for those curious about disc brake road bikes but with a bit more clearance.

It’ll be on the webstore soon but if you’re lucky enough to live nearby stop by the shop and take it for a spin!

Emily’s Picks

I ride my bike everyday. I go to the grocery store, camping, the dog park, work, on and off of BART, punk shows, and sometimes up the hills and on trails. I like practical cost effective stuff. My everyday ride is an early 80’s Stumpjumper with a porteur rack. My employee picks are affordable durable items that I use all the time.

Archive X Box Dog Bikes collabro saddle bag.

I love this thing. It’s like a magic hat. I never expected to be able to fit so much in there. I use it as a normal saddle pack filled with a small patch kit, spare tube, & tool but can also fit a sweater and my u lock and a book!

GSI Enamel Cup

I call this guy my tuff buddy. He’s a little tuff buddy. Goes everywhere does everything. He’s my tuff buddy. Blue make you spew? Better red than dead! (The cup comes in blue and red)

I wrote this little poem about these cups. They’re great! They come in blue or red.

Esbit Alcohol Burner and Cookset

This stove is a great deal. $50 for two stoves and a cookset. It includes two different sized pots (cups??), and the option of using the alcohol stove or Esbit fuel cubes. (We sell those too) The alcohol stove comes with a simmer top with a nice little handle to keep you from burning your fingers and a screw on lid to store fuel in the stove.

ESI Silicone Grips

Do your soft rubber grips ever get sticky? It’s annoying and gross right? Well silicone doesn’t degrade from sun or sweaty palms. These are comfy too.

GSI Personal Java Press
This was the only coffee maker I had on the 3+ week tour I did last fall. It’s awesome. We made coffee every morning for 4 people. It comes with a lightweight nesting mug and insulated sleeves for saving your hands and keeping your coffee hot!

Serfas Lightingbolt Lights

Night time rides are right time rides. I’m a little bit of a safety freak and lights are like paramount to my personal concept of safety. These lights are BRIGHT. Made up of a strip of micro-LED they also pack a lot of peripheral illumination. USB rechargeable saves the need for batteries and with silicon loops they are real easy to pop on and off any thing on your bike.  

Panarcer Pasela Tourguard

A shop favorite as far as affordable versatile tires go. Flat resistant. Good Looking. Plenty of widths.  What more could you ask for?

Preorders for 52cm and 60cm Pelicans Now Open! »

We’re back at it with another run of Pelicans. This time around will be two new sizes never before produced by Winter Bicycles. The last time we had 52cm frames was a couple of years ago, leftover from our previous builder. Homeboy Errin is riding one of those bikes. When Eric (of Winter) first began building for us, we had him make a batch of 60cm frames, but at the time we we’re juggling both 650b and 700c platforms. We’ve simplified the Pelican to 650b only, and we’re more than happy to release these birds into the wild. 60cm has been a popular size for Box Dog, and this is first time in a few years it’s been available as a 650b bike. Pictured below is one of the aforementioned older frames:

As of writing this, we’ve had two customers stake claims to one of each size Pelican. So, right now there are two 52cm framesets available, as well as two 60cms. Deposits (half of the retail price tag) can be made in-store, over the phone, or on the link above. Delivery is expected sometime late August/early-to-mid September? Rock on!

Randi Jo Fabrications

Large scale production and constant innovation is a given in this industry. I’m not complaining. Sometimes that means things are more accessible, cheaper, and work better. Sometimes it doesn’t.

One place I notice this quality gap is in soft goods. Finally wool has come back into the consciousness after a long tryst with synthetics. Certainly wool has even had it’s improvements. Merino wool is a lot lighter and more softer while still retaining the virtues that make wool so great in the first place.

Still, for some reason wool has turned into a boutique item. Sometimes things don’t make sense. We live in this world where you can buy a perfectly great mass produced wool cap for $65 -OR- a smaller scale manufactured hand made wool cap for $30. I’m not a certifiable smart guy but that math just doesn’t make sense to me.

The moral of my story is that we just started stocking some great cycling soft goods made by Randi Jo Fabrications. A small family run operation out of Elkton, Oregon. Randi Jo and her partner also run a small bike shop called Elkton Bike Station if you’re ever in need of a tube-n-lube in those parts.

While we don’t have any of Randi Jo’s FABULOUS wool caps (YET?) we are stocking two products that I’m really excited about.


Like all great bartenders, this bag always has what you want when you want it.

We carry another awesome bag that’s really similar in use and price to this bag. The main difference lies in the material. The Bartender is made from tough waxed canvas and features a rip stop nylon lining. It’s a great bag to keep snacks, a cell phone, a camera, keys, or anything else you might like to have up front along the way. We have a couple of colors in stock and these should be up on the webstore soon!!!

Saddle Covers

We have always had saddle covers in stock. They are a great investment for the life of your leather saddle and can even provide a modest amount of security from theft.

While most saddle covers have a good amount of attention to the topside of the saddle all the ones I know about neglect the rain and mud that get’s tossed up while you’re actually riding the bike. While fenders will help with this the truth is we don’t have fenders on all our bikes. In fact the muddiest rides typically eschew them all together. These covers feature a fully waterproof and secure underside flap while still allowing access to the valuable real estate of your rails and bag loops.

Randi Jo’s saddle covers are made for your saddle too so they don’t get that weird bunched material thing at the front like some other saddle covers. We are stocking covers for Brooks B-17, B-17 S, and Team Pro models. The B-17 & B-17 S covers will also fit Flyer and Flyer S models. All models come in black and tan. 

Once again these aren’t on the webstore yet but will be shortly. In the mean time stop by the shop and check em out!!!!

In stock at BDB - Strawfoot Handmade

While racing ‘cross last year I became acquainted with Garrett Kautz, the proprietor of Strawfoot Handmade. Near the end of the season I approached him regarding business, craft, strategy, etc. As a result of some back and forth, he and I decided it was a worthy experiment to branch out together and plant some product at Box Dog Bikes.

毎週金曜日恒例のお洒落さん登場!  Strawfoot Friday!  #strawfoot #huntercycles #simworks #freshairbicycles #searchandstate

We previously have and continue to bring in product from vendors that would in general prove to be an anomaly in a bike shop. For example, Box Dog has been stocking bags from Archival Clothing for a long time, among their other knickknacks like winter hats and ball caps. Garrett’s work speaks for itself. He is an excellent craftsperson and has a highly developed aesthetic for good design. 

The few key fobs we carried are all long gone. I use mine primarily for as my on-foot set of house keys, when I’m not hauling around a carabiner full of this and that. Simple, elegant, and purposeful, Strawfoot’s key fob is an understated accoutrement, and reasonably priced for such a unique object. Box Dog is due to receive more of these in the near future, so check back with us if you’re interested.

In addition to that accessory, we have a couple of cycling musettes. These have garnered some positive praise recently which goes to show people like Garrett deserve recognition for what they do. John Watson has good stuff to say over on that link, so peep it and I’ll keep this short and sweet. In stock at Box Dog are two chocolate waxed cotton canvas musettes, each with a different interior color (one choc. and one orange).

Lastly, we’ve also got a classic shoulder bag in sage. This will give you a pretty good idea of what they look like. Sorry, no picture of this one, but come by quick before someone else scoops it up.